Java Advanced Audio Decoder


JAAD is an AAC decoder and MP4 demultiplexer library written completely in Java. It uses no native libraries, is platform-independent and portable.
It can read MP4 container from almost every input-stream (files, network sockets etc.) and decode AAC-LC (Low Complexity) and HE-AAC (High Efficiency/AAC+).

Java version 5 or higher is required.

The library is released open-source as public domain.

The current version (0.8.4) has an improved MP4 API and fixes some bugs in the AAC decoding process. For more information see the usage page and the Javadoc.

Get It

You can download the binaries of the current version:


The source code, Javadoc and previous versions can be found at the download section. You can also browse the source code in the SVN-repository.


Due to lack of time I won't continue developing JAAD. If you're interested in continuing the development, please send me a message.